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Limited quantity ★ Fendi FF Logo Bi -fold Wallet Fake Copybibi.com Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ

“Fendi” is

“Versace” and the first collaboration collection “Fendace” have been announced. The collection is published on the Fendi official website and the official YouTube channel.

At “Fendi Verserchae”

Donatella Vers and Che is in charge of all categories. In the punk rock style, Vers and Che’s safety pin was added to Fendi’s signature and symbols.

The 호게임 wallet copy of her chain combined with a crystal “F”, which interpreted the race and the monogram of Fendi.

Limited quantity ★ Fendi FF Logo Bi -fold Wallet Fake Copybibi.com Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ

¥ 12782

Product number: Copybibi.com Sn: USZWNA

Product brand: FENDI Fendi

Category wallet

Update date: 2022-09-18


1 Limited quantity ★ Fendi FF logo fake wallet fake Copybibi.com Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ Limited ★ Fendi FF Logo Bi -fold Wallet Fake Copybibi.com Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ


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Limited quantity ★ Fendi FF Logo Bi -fold Wallet Fake Copybibi.com Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ

Ladies Fashion »Wallet / Accessories» Folding Wallet

■ Introduction of product

Small size baguette binary wallet.

・ Multiple flat pockets

・ Coin pocket with zipper x1

・ Card slot x4

・ Banknotes compartment X1 press stud opening and closing type. A design made with a white nappa leather contrast with a black edge and a FF logo mole. Black nappa leather lining.

■ material

100 % lamb leather

Limited quantity ★ Fendi FF Logo Bi -fold Wallet Fake Copybibi.com Sn: USZWNA62F0XCZ

Entertainment: The success of the past does not guarantee the future.


In June 2022, BTS (BTS) declared a temporary suspension of group activities at the steamed bulletproof dinner with fans. As they were so busy, Ami all over the world understood and cheered for BTS’s rest, but investors and corporate officials betting in the future of BTS and Hive were quite shocked in financial and psychologically. It is expected that the corona 19 is over and the performance will be resumed from the end of this year, and the three major entertainment companies (SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment) are also in the midst of BTS’s sudden shutdown. Today, we will analyze the entertainment industry with the history of K-POP, and diagnose how K-POP’s future will change.

Entertainment originally refers to various entertainment such as music, movies, and entertainment, but in the stock market, it means entertainment agency. Entertainment’s biggest competitiveness and asset is idol. Therefore, to understand this industry, it is helpful to know the history of idols. H.O.T, Zekskis, S.E.S, Pinkle, etc. K-POP has grown around the idol to the fourth generation idol. And in the summer of 2020, BTS broke down the walls of language and race with a song called ‘Dynamite’ and vomited the first place in the billboard chart.

By 2010, K-POP has been led by three major entertainment agencies: SM (SM (SM)), JYP (JYP Ent.), And YG (Event: Yiji Entertainment). At that time, it was common for idols who dominated the country first. Although Wonder Girls and Psy caused a shiny syndrome, there were certain limitations in the political and cultural barriers. In addition, male idols have always been followed by military service and their company’s earnings have fluctuated. In 2014, TWICE’s debut has 카지노 a meaning in many ways, and many ‘Yeo -deok’ was created, and the profit structure focused on male idols was distributed into female idols. And as everyone knows, the culture of fandom and YouTube channel met, and a giant called BTS was born.

BTS has been winning with ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ even after ‘Dynamite’. In line with that, BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, was listed on the KOSPI market in October 2020 under the name ‘Big Hit’. At the time of listing, the market capitalization was close to 10 trillion won, and it was evaluated as a higher value than the combined market cap of the three major entertainment companies. In 2021, ‘Big Hit’ acquired several music labels and announced the new start with the name ‘Hive’ and became a leading entertainment leader. However, in 2022, the same issue was raised in the same issue with the same issue, with the same issue of the stock market recession, the controversy over the military service of the BTS, and the BTS. This is the brief history of K-POP.

According to the Korea Creative Content Agency, the global music market in 2021 is estimated to reach $ 37.1 billion and grow to $ 67.9 billion in 2025. In addition, according to the International Music Industry Association, Korea is the world’s sixth music market following the United States and Japan. In addition, interest in K-Culture is rising thanks to BTS, Son Heung-min, Squid Game, and Parasites. Therefore, if the market is forecasting the structural growth of the market, it is also worth trying to do industrial ETFs that invest in K-CULTURE, such as entertainment, content, and food. Still, if you expect a higher return, it’s right to bet on a famous idol’s debut and comeback momentum. However, it is always necessary to keep in mind that entertainment is a box office industry.

It is highly likely to show different aspects before and after the BTS, which completely flipped the success equation of the existing K-POP. In terms of positive aspects, Korean singers and actors can attract attention from the world. In other words, BTS has pioneered the most important market in overseas sales. On the other hand, the negative aspects are not to overcome the risks that depend on each artist, but to prove. In other words, the second BTS may be just a dream. Also, as BTS’s leader RM said, the K-POP system does not wait for people to mature, but the problem that is hidden by the gorgeous appearance may be revealed as the BTS is normal.

Hive acquires Pladis, Sos Music, and ITHACA Holdings to lower BTS dependence. The dependence of BTS, which was nearly 88%at the time of listing, fell to 50%this year. In addition, Hive is creating an environment where artists can go beyond time and space constraints through the fandom platform called We Bus. The company is leading methubus and NFT technology through equity investments in two trees operating upbeat. The last homework left by BTS is to balance the box office and systemic. In order for a company to survive for a long time, it must be operated as a system, not a person, but due to the nature of the entertainment industry, people who have been raised as a system can be in a dilemma that it is difficult to maintain long popularity.

One of my favorite songs is BTS’s ‘Life Goes On’. It was a song that sang the deprivation of everything in the world with Corona 19, but in 2020, the calm melody and light lyrics that reminded me of the preciousness of everyday life were comforted to me. In this way, entertainment means everything that touches emotions besides playing excitingly. No matter how personalized, it is Korean that can express all the emotions of joy in the world and the most. The most beautiful moments of BTS and K-POP, which have surpassed even the barriers of language and race, are ‘Yet to Come’, as they melted in the lyrics.

Game: Meta Bus was not far away than I thought.

#Craftton #NCsoft #Netmarble #Double U Games

Since the beginning of this year, Microsoft’s big deal has been acquired by Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard for about 82 trillion won. Microsoft’s CEO of Satia Nadella announced his acquisition and said that the game is a powerful platform that will play a key role in the methus era. This means that the game, which was just a means to enjoy entertainment by escaping from reality, will be used as a connection window that goes beyond everyday and imagination. If the world’s three largest game companies are active Blizzard in the United States, Sony in Japan, and Tencent in China, Korea has traditional Kang Ho 3N (Nexon, NCsoft, Netmarble, Nexon) and emerging Kang Ho SK2 (Smilegate, Craftton, Kakao Games) . Let’s dig into each company’s major game lineups, new momentum, and new business business.

According to global market research firm NEWZOO, the global game market is $ 175.8 billion in 2021. It is expected to maintain high growth by 2024 and reach $ 218.7 billion. The game market can be classified into three categories: PC, mobile, and console, but since 2010, the mobile game market has grown rapidly. As of 2021, mobile replaced the PC, and the proportion of consoles is also increasing as Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Nintendo’s switch are launched. By region, Asia accounts for about half, and new inflows in India and South America are expected to increase as the smartphone penetration rate is expanded.

The most important asset in the game industry is IP. In other words, if you pick a hit properly, it means a high value -added industry that generates continuous profits without additional costs. Nexon’s ‘Maple Story’, NCsoft’s Lineage, Smilegate’s Lost Arc, and Craft Tone’s Battleground ‘Battleground’ have all IP. Game companies with cash cows have a large-scale new building or mergers and acquisitions. Netmarble, which is the main business of mobile game publishing, is considered to be a chronic weakness that lacks IP competitiveness than other companies.

Unlike the manufacturing industry, game companies do not build inventory, so they are less affected by supply chain bottles and raw materials. Rather, the game was also an axis of ‘BBIG (Battery, Bio, Internet, Game), which was the most noticeable in the stock market during the fan -decicated period. It is also pointed out that the benefits of Untact are falling, but in the long run, the outlook for the game industry is bright. However, like the entertainment industry, there is a limit that we cannot predict whether it is a success until the game is released. Therefore, the game company will carry out strategies such as mobile expansion, overseas market exports, and goods launches based on Mega IP rather than launching a new work with a huge risk.

Like the entertainment industry, if you choose a sport in the game industry, you should look for stocks with high expectations. Except for Nexon’s listed in the Japanese stock market and Smilegate, an unlisted company, let’s take a look at the new events around NCsoft, Netmarble and Craft Tone. NCsoft will launch a new IP -based masterpiece called ‘TL (Throne and Liberty)’ in the PC and console version, and Netmarble will release the fourth Revolution series ‘Seven Knights Revolution’. If Big Hit (Hive) was the biggest IPO in 2020, the IPO market in 2021 had a craft tone. Craft Tone, who has been a game leader with a ‘Battleground’, is about to launch the Calisto Protocol, which contains a new worldview at the end of this year.

It is no exaggeration to say that in the second half of 2021, methuses and NFT craze blew. The NFT issued by the game company was attracting attention with the atmosphere that the game was unclear in the meta bus. Here, NCsoft is creating its own worldview on its own meta bus platform, and Netmarble is investing in Hive. It is expected which of the highly IT technology that combines the game and the replacement IP power of idols will win. Meanwhile, Com2us, who demonstrated the mirror world meta bus called ‘Com2 Bus’, who invested in the North American methus company ‘Hyperreal’, is also attracting attention as a beneficiary of Metabus.

Meanwhile, small and medium -sized game companies have also challenged Metabus, and Wemade is the most serious company in blockchain technology. Wemade, which developed its own coin on a blockchain -based platform called ‘WeMix’, listed on the exchange and showed the P2E (Play to Earn) game, unveiled a blueprint for NFT, DAO, and Defi technologies in ‘WeMix 3.0’ roadmap. In addition, W. Games, who benefited from Untact as a social casino, also declared that he would enter the blockchain -based NFT and P2E markets for business diversification. In fact, Double U Games has successfully successfully made ‘Double Yuccasino’ with its early methus technology, so investing in a metavus development platform called Max is expected to help business synergy.

The reason for dealing with entertainment and the game industry is that the ultimate goal of the two industries is the connection. Metabus is a technology that can realize the concept of the coexistence of numerous self from the one -way fan sentiment to the two directions to the two -way communication, and the disconnection of the real world and virtual space. In particular, the game is not only Microsoft but also global big tech. The launch and commercialization of Meta Oculus Quest, Apple MR Headset, Google Glass, and Microsoft Holo Lens may not be a future. It can be ahead of the fact that this may happen or when it will happen when it will happen or when it will happen.

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