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Automobile Agora # 1

Aston Martin DB Series -Part 1 -007 Bond Car

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There is no rare movie series that has been steadily gaining popularity for the years as the 007 series.

The 007 series, which is a classic of espionage, is a story composition that may seem obvious these days.

However, in the thrilling material of spy, James Bond is an unexpected character, bond girl, outstanding.

The villains have the magical power that keeps the audience from letting go of the tension.

In addition, the background of the movie, of course, is full of attractive things.

In particular, James Bond’s Market Car has become an indispensable factor of the 007 series.

But from the beginning, Bondka did not play an important role in the film.

Bond car, which appeared in her first 007 series, The Murder Number, was just an ordinary car.

In this film, James Bond appears on the 1961 Alpine Roadster of ‘Sunbeam’, which disappeared about 60 years ago,

This car is the first bond car. Sunbeam began to make a name by producing 350HP Bluebird in 1920,

As the name suggests, it is equipped with a 18.3 -liter aviation engine with 350 horsepower, and the world’s first 150 miles (240km) for the first time in the world.

It was recorded as a breakthrough. Since then, Sunbeam has become one of the best makers of British automotive technology.

In the second series, the Crisis One Fail, James Bond comes out of the 1935 3.5 -liter Bentley Mark 4.

In fact, there is no scene in which Bond drives the car in this film. However, a carpon on the vehicle is only in contact with the MI6 headquarters. However, it is meaningful in that it is the first bond car created by Q.

This car was a sensational car that was popular with the upper class of the UK, and Ian Fleming, the original author of 007 novels,

It is also said that he was one of the cars he wanted to ride.

Bond car began to play an important role in his third series, Gold Finger. Goldfinger’s history of Bond Car is in earnest.

It is a series that started. If the cars that appeared in the previous 007 series were just a simple means of transportation

From ‘Gold Finger’, it was upgraded to the same role as an indispensable alter ego to perform the mission with James Bond.

When the original novel was published, Bentley Mark 4, which appeared as a bond car in the previous side, was discontinued.

Ian Fleming starring Aston Martin, another British luxury brand.

Since then, it has become one of the most representative car symbols in film companies.

The history of Aston Martin Bondka began.

So today, Bondka Aston Martin, the representative Bondka Aston Martin of the 007 series,

Let’s talk about the most basic lineup, the DB series.

Founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bumford, Bumford & Martin, a vehicle made by a maker called ‘Singer’

It was the main business to sell, but in 1915, it was a factory to buy a car.

However, after a while, World War I broke out, and both founders served as soldiers.

Car production is stopped. After the end of the war, Bumford leaves the company, and Lionel Martin alone is called Aston Martin.

The company starts to make a car again by name, and Aston Martin’s full history begins.

(Aston Martin is a combination of his name with the “Aston Clinton Hill Claim” race, which was a player when Lionel Martin was a cycle player and became a player.)

Since its establishment, I participated in the French Grand Prix, attracting attention by achieving the desired results,

It was not linked to the sales of vehicles, and eventually went bankrupt in 1925 and finally closed in 1926.

Aston Martin seemed to disappear into the back of history, but fortunately, shareholders gathered again.

The company set up a company under the name Aston Martin Motors and starts producing engines and vehicles.

In 1932, financial problems occurred, but they were invested and escaped the crisis and focused on the production of practical vehicles from 1936.

However, World War II occurred to stop the production of automobiles and produce aircraft aircraft.

After the war, Aston Martin, who went to bankruptcy just before bankruptcy due to deterioration, was in late 1947,

At that time, it was acquired by Lord David Brown, the largest transmission company in Europe.

(He also acquired Ragonda, who used a production plant with Aston Martin, and integrated it into Aston Martin Lagonda.

Originally, I tried to write only Ragonda’s engine, but when the demand unit price was too high, I acquired the company.)

From this point on, he began to build the model name in the DB+number after winning his name.

Immediately after the acquisition, the first model DB1 of the DB series was released in 1948. But as you can see in the picture above

The DB1’s design has a body style in the late 1930s (a separate front and rear fender in a body structure without a roof). At the time

Because the company was almost on the verge of bankruptcy, there was no room for developing a new body or design.

Nevertheless, Aston Martin could have a life because of this car, but the reason is that Sir David acquired Aston Martin.

One of the biggest reasons was this car. The engine of this car was developed by W.O Bentley, the founder of Bentley, but

(W.O Bentley, named after Bentley, after the establishment of Bentley, his funds for the Great Depression and World War,

He could not maintain his company, and he was forced to hand over to Rolls Royce and worked as a technical director in Lagonda.)

At the time, he said, “Aston Martin’s vehicles, such as Aston Martin 2 -liter sports (another name of the DB1), will be released soon.

It’s very good, but the profit of the business itself is small. ”

He was interested in making personal (small) sports cars in order to simply like a hobby.

It was easily acquired by a company that was not good.

After the acquisition, DB2, which appeared under the strong support of Sir David, was transformed into an integrated fender in a three -box body structure with an iron roof and a stylish design for the times. Also, Aston Martin’s first DOHC engine

The DB2, which was mounted, started from the early DB2 (1950 ~ 1953), which was a two -seater form, and in a 2+2 -seater form.

It developed into a minor change DB2/4 (1953 ~ 1957) and sold for about eight years from 1950 to 1957.

From the car, you can find the image of Aston Martin’s signature grille slowly.

The large radiator grille and the small grille on both sides became an integrated form in this model.

It has a similar shape to the current signature grille. (The shape of this grill optimizes the engine and brake cooling.

It is said that it was applied to the Aston Martin racing car in search of the shape that can be done.)

Later, in the DB MARK 3 model released in 1957

It is completely refined in the shape of the signature grill that we know.

This car is converted into a racing version before launch, winning two Le Mans 24 class championship, Miremirian class, etc.

As a result of racing, he began to spread to Aston Martin. This is the first time the venege lineup appeared. It is now the name of Aston Martin’s entry model, but originally used as a high -performance version of Aston Martin.

The first launch in 1951, Vantigi was at the time, Robert Ebe Holst, a famous racing car designer.

The output has been strengthened from 125 horsepower to 140 horsepower, and among many sports car lovers,

Gained popularity, more than 250 cars were sold.

If you look at the interior of this car, you can see a very different interior from Aston Martin, which focuses on racing.

If you have mass -produced cars, this car is a sheet finished with leather, door trim, and wooden dash 메가슬롯 panel, wooden.

It also has a large and diameter wooden steering wheel, a clock and a tacholy, and a voltmeter and a water thermometer.

You can see that it has a luxury GT with both luxury and high -tech technology.

Starting with this car, it is one of the representative images of Aston Martin that we think of today.

The luxury GT car starts slowly.

This car, released in 1957, is right that it should be DB3, not DB Mark 3, according to naming rules,

Exceptionally, the racing version based on the DB2 is named DB3 and is called DB MARK 3.

As you have given, it is the first vehicle to apply the signature grille as it is today.

Since it is an improved version of the DB2, not a full change, the body shape except the rear part is almost similar to DB2/4,

The engine also increased the same engine displacement used in DB2/4 to 2.9L and improved the maximum output of 195 horsepower.

After about 550 units in a short period of time, it will be replaced by the follow -up model DB4.

(Even after the launch, the DB4 was released immediately.)

In the original novel 007, the car appears as a bond car, but it will be replaced by the latest model at the time of filming.

DB4, a model that put Aston Martin at the top of the British high -performance GT ranks,

It was first unveiled at the London Motor Show in 1958.

With the appearance, it was compared with the Ferrari 250GT and the Mercedes -Benz 300SL, the best GT cars of the time.

The DB4 was equipped with a 3.7L series six -cylinder aluminum alloy engine, with a maximum speed of 225 km/h, and a zero bag of 9 seconds.

Designed by the famous Italian Caroxherian Touring Super Rezera, the appearance was overflowing with elegance and sophistication.

The sporty line was the main, and the streamlined roof and rear design combined practicality without losing elegance.

The DB4 was noticed by winning the World Sports Car Championship the following year, but Sir David was not satisfied with it. In October of the same year, he reduced the battlefield of the DB4 by 127mm and used an aluminum body to reduce the weight of 84kg.

High -performance version DB4GT has been released.

Thanks to the new camshaft, double plug cylinder heads, and three Weber Carburets, the output has increased to 302 horsepower.

In addition, the plexi glass was used instead of a glass window to reduce the weight, and the handling improved due to the shortened body.

DB4GT, which was driven by Sterling Moss, a famous Mercedes -Benz driver in Gyeongju in Silverstone, England,

Following the first place in the qualifiers, he won the record and won the final championship.

It was a strong DB4 GT, but still rival Ferrari 250GT

(In fact, 250GT was too good.)

Then, Sir David joined hands with Zagato, Italy, Italy, with a long history.

DB4GT Zagato for Gyeongju has been created. Dare to relieve the parts that are not necessary for racer cars such as bumper

The body weight was reduced by 70 kg and 1,224kg. The engine was also renovated and raised to 314 horsepower,

The zero bag was 6.1 seconds and the maximum speed was 246 km/h.

DB4 GT Jagato was originally planned to be produced, but in reality 19 was produced.

DB4 has been produced for 1,100 units for four years, and the GT version has produced more than 100 units, including Zagato model.

Following the DB4 in 1963, it was one of the most beautiful cars in Aston Martin’s history and the most famous DB5, which is not a full change model, but an improved type of DB4. The body design is like DB4

It was played by the famous Italian Caroxherian Touring Super Rezera. (In fact, the design is almost the same.)

The 4.0 -liter engine, which increased the engine displacement of the DB4, was equipped with a five -speed gear to 282 horsepower.

Zero bags reached 8 seconds, up to 238 km/h. Also, for the first time, the three -speed automatic transmission could be selected as an option.

In addition to the coupe, it was produced in various forms such as convertible and shooting brakes (producing less than 10 cars).

A total of 1,100 units have been produced for three years until 1965.

The car was selected as the Bond Car in the 1964 007 series ‘Gold Finger’, and the DB series was selected as Bond Car.

It will give you great strength in competing with the best sports cars of your time.

This model in the movie has a variety of special features, but the headlamps have a machine gun.

You can sprinkle smoke bombs and oil in preparation for the license plate change system for the camouflage and the vehicle that is chased.

There was also a bulletproof iron plate that protects the glass in preparation for shooting. Of course carpons, of course,

Under the seat, the weapon set was hidden, which was very unconventional at that time.

A total of two cars were used in the film, and after the filming was finished, various collectors went through the hands of various collectors,

Lastly, in July 2019, it was traded for $ 6.4 million (about 7.9 billion) at the Sotheby auction.

This car is also the vehicle that appeared in the most series in 007 history, but the 4th episode released the next year ‘Gold Finger’ release

Thunder Ball also appears as a bond car. After that, it did not appear for a while, but also appeared in the 1995 Golden Child.

It also appeared in the sequel, Never Dai. It did not appear for a while, but the first work of Daniel Craig’s 007 series

You can also see the Casino Royal in 2005, ‘Skyfall’ in 2012, and ‘Specter’ in 2015.

The latest specifications were applied to the DB6, which was launched in 1965 following the DB5.

The body has been changed from the steel platform structure to a more modern monocoque design,

The wheelbase is 94mm long, improving its residence.

The engine used the same engine as the DB5, but the performance was the same because of the same output and output.

However, the Venue model has a 325 horsepower output.

The overall design is similar to the DB5, but the rear part that raises the rear tail to the fullest

It changed completely and showed off its unique charm.

In addition, the interior is used to use the high -quality materials to show off the use of advanced GT cars.

The vehicle will be discontinued without a subsequent model after 800 units were sold by 1970.

The reason for being discontinued without follow -up is that Aston Martin will have a cataclysm again.

In the next episode, with this story,

I want to tell you the story. It is inevitable as the text becomes longer than originally intended.

It was divided into two.

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